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Michelle Oldacre - Rickerscote Stafford
"The service from Bright Spark was excellent, the engineer arrived on time, carried out the ...

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SureSpark News

Great News- Feed In Tariff Still Good !
Excellent news, the feed-in-tariff currently 21 pence per kilowatt hour of electricity generated (4 kwp systems and under) is offering customers returns of (ROI) over 14% with some reaching 17% and more. SureSpark are happy to carry out your Free no obligation survey to assess your return Potential.

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Staffordshire Solar Panel Installers - SureSpark Solar

SureSpark Electrical Solar is owned by BrightSpark electrical and having served the Staffordshire area for the past nine years. We are committed to giving the best service to our customers.

Our philosophy has always been to keep business local and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We are available throughout the solar installation process ensuring surveying requirements are correct, installation & quality is maintained and establishing your Feed in Tariffs.

We are also available to give ongoing support throughout the lifetime of the product!


Why choose Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great way of saving you money on the ever climbing electricity bill, with both the feed-in tariff, which gives you an extra income of potentially over a £1000 per annum, and also saving you money on your electricity bill itself.

Another reason is that it can add value to your property, and it is helping the environment as it is a green energy choice.

See the key benefits of solar panels below and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Solar PV diagram

Key Benefits of Solar Panel Systems

  • Earn up to £1000 income from the energy you generate – Tax Free, Index linked and guaranteed for the next 20years (current rate is 16p per unit).
  • Lower your electricity bills by using this free electricity throughout the day (£200 average per year).
  • Sound investment – receive an average annual return on investment of over 10% tax free.
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
  • Pay back times as low as 8 years.
  • Adds value to your property.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Buying from a local company with a long honest trading history.

Why choose SureSpark Electrical Solar as your Solar Panel Installers?

With our vast knowledge and experience our trained staff will help you through the process of choosing the right system and setup your feed-in tariffs so you don’t have to worry about paper work, so why not call us today for your free survey on:

Tel: 01785 413105

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SureSpark Electrical Solar

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