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David & Linda Westerman
"Adrian & Dallas, We had to write and thank you for carrying out our PV ...

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SureSpark News

CAD Design Service Now Available
SureSpark Solar are now offering CAD design as part of our survey process, along with our comprehensive survey and quotation literature we now include a bespoke system design PDF. This offers customers an insight into how the panels might look when installed .

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About Solar PV

Solar Photo Voltaic also know as Solar PV are systems that transform energy from the sun into electricity which can be then used round the household to power appliances and lighting. The majority of Solar PV systems are tied into the grid, which means the electricity generated can either be fed back into the national grid or it can be used within the household. There are also systems known as “Off-grid” which charge batteries which are installed in remote locations where there is no grid nearby.

Within the UK Solar PV is an extremely underused technology which could provide large cost savings to a domestic household, it could also generate an income via the Feed-in Tariff available which gives the ability to sell back any unused energy to your energy supplier.

The feed-in tariff was introduced by the government in early 2009, the amount of years for aSolar PV system to pay itself back would be around 10-15 years, due to expensive systems that were available. In a very small space in time, we have now seen a reduction in cost and completion increase for the Solar PV system in the UK, whereas it took in 2009-2010 up to 15 years for the system to pay itself back, it now can take as little as 7 years for the Solar PV system to payback which is around a 50% saving in cost.

Renewable Energy is Secure

Security is a big issue and we are increasingly reliant on our fossil fuel supplies coming from abroad. You will be helping our home grown energy structure grow and become less dependent on dwindling external supplies. Fossil fuels by their very nature are finite resources meaning long term future sustainability is not an option.

Renewable Energy is Reliable and Abundant

For solar PV, as long as there is light, there is electricity being produced. Technology levels have increased insolar PV panels and now substantial amounts energy can be produced, even in cloudy conditions like in the UK.

Solar thermal (Sun heated water systems), ground/air/geo heat pumps also make a surprisingly large contribution to your heat and energy demands, even in the UK cold winters.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing renewable energy in your home or property will decrease the amount of carbon and other chemicals and toxins released during energy generation from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The amount of energy produced in the lifetime of renewable products will greatly outweigh the energy used to produce them. Also the elements used to make solar PV cells, like the common metals silicon and aluminium, are all abundant and recyclable.